Urbanite Deaf Tarot



We want to make the best possible decisions in life and sometimes that ask for greater clarification. The Universe speaks to us all the time in symbolic meanings. Tarot is one of the powerful tools there is that can help decipher the symbolic meanings into language that you can understand and answer your questions. Tarot readings can be a helpful tool with your decision-making process about various concerns such as career, relationships, life changes, health, etc. My interpretations sometimes incorporates metasymbology and astrological connections for more fuller insights.

My spiritual name is Efuro. I have studied spiritual metaphysics for over 25 years. I'm currently studying magick. Divination arts in the forms of tarot, astrology, and pendulum is a fascinating world that opened up for me since 2011.

Sessions can be conducted via American Sign Language over the videophone or via written English over emails / online text chat through FB, gmail, or AIM. Hearing clients are welcome for service via emails and online text chat. To give you a way to remember your session, summaries of readings will be sent to you after each session. All readings are confidential. Contact me at kbmerri@gmail.com for an appointment.